Most common illnesses that affect singers

Singers and bands may be famous and being followed by millions of fans worldwide. But these celebrities are human beings too. They get hurt and can be affected by several diseases just like any one of us. It may not show when they are performing on stage, but a lot of them keep it to themselves. Just like when the rihanna album 2013 was being promoted, the singer was ill, but yet, she roamed around the world just so she can see and make her fans happy. That was a real sacrifice on her part.

Common illnesses experienced by singers

There are various illnesses that may affect our favorite singers, most of which are related to their voices as well as over fatigue. Let us have a look at the specific health conditions that even the most famous singers and bands experience at some point in time.


hjdd784This is a health condition that is usually caused by overusing your voice. It is also related to illnesses such as colds and flu. Once your larynx or voice box becomes swollen, your voice will be hoarse, or worse, it will be hard for you to talk. This is very likely to happen to singers who have just had their live concerts. Due to singing for an extended period of time, their larynx gets inflamed.

Laryngitis has different types. It can be acute or chronic. You would know that a singer is suffering from this particular ailment if he or she has a horse voice, has difficulty talking, or has a dry cough. It can be treated using some medications. Drinking plenty of water as well as getting enough rest is advisable too.

Vocal cord hemorrhage

Most of the time, singers and bands, especially those who are into rock music, are often subjected to strenuous vocal tasks, which could lead to vocal cord hemorrhage. What happens is, a blood vessel on the vocal cord may rupture. This is a serious health condition, and therefore, should be treated immediately.


Singers who suffer from vocal cord hemorrhage are advised to rest their voice completely. They have to take a rest until they have fully recovered.

Laryngeal cancer

Cancer may also affect the larynx, and this is characterized by changes in the voice. This health condition is serious, but the good thing is, it can be cured as long as proper treatment is given at its early stages.