Importance Of Sleep

As humans, sleep plays an important role in our physical health. Sleep involves healing and repairing of the blood vessels and your heart. Sleep deficiency increases the risk of heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental and physical health, life, and safety. During sleep, your body works to support proper function of the brain and maintain your physical health. Sleep in children helps support their growth and development.

The following are the importance of sleep

1. Healthy functioning of the brain

5y6u78iyutyrSleep helps your brain to work properly. While you are sleeping, your brain is prepared for the next day. This helps in new learning and remembering information. Studies show that sleep deficiency alters proper activity in some parts of the brain. They also show if one is sleep deficiency, one might have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling emotions and behavior.It Is believed that sleep deficiency has been linked to depression, suicide, and risk-taking behaviors.

Children who have sleep deficiency mostly have problems getting along with others. They tend to be more angry and impulsive, sad and depressed and lack of motivation. These children have a problem paying attention, and they may get lower grades in school and feel stressed.

2. Physical health

Sleep plays an important role in one’s physical health. It is involved in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. It also increases the risk of obesity. Another health benefit of quality sleep is, it maintains a healthy balance of the hormones that makes one hungry. When one doesn’t get enough sleep, the level of ghrelin goes up, and the level of leptin goes down.

Sleep also affects how your body reacts to insulin, the hormone that controls the sugars levels of your blood. In that case, sleep deficiency increases the risk for diabetes. Sleep supports growth and development. Deep sleep triggers the hormone that improves and promotes normal growth in children and teens. The hormone boosts the mass of the muscles and helps repair cells and tissues in children. Sleep plays a big role in puberty and fertility.2e34t567uytyrt

3. Performance and safety

Getting enough and quality sleep helps you function well throughout the day. After the loss of enough sleep, your ability to function and leads to micro sleep. Some people are not aware of the sleep deficiency. Which is not advised by the experts it is good enough quality to enable us to function properly.